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Jul 9, 2013 12:35am EDT
to him. he might -- shake his dewlap back to you. he might head nod. just bob your head a few times. bob your head. bob your head. >> jimmy: i'm afraid. >> but not like a head banger bob, but like a bob, bob. do one of those. go! >> jimmy: he's staring at me. >> that why. he's looking for you to do it. do it. >> jimmy: i don't want to do it. >> come on! just do it. just do it once. do it once or twice. >> jimmy: he's looking at me weird. he's looking at me weird. >> no you're fine. i will pet him. i'll take the hit. go! >> jimmy: what do you want to do -- [ laughter ] >> yeah. no. yeah. but don't move in when you do it cause what you're doing is a threat behavior. >> jimmy: threaten? [ laughter ] >> yeah. you are another mammal -- you're another male and he sees you doing that and he's like -- he thinks you are taking over his territory and his ladies. >> jimmy: all right. >> yeah. >> jimmy: what if i just put the banana there? >> i'm going to move on. you want to see another animal? you want to see another animal? >> jimmy: he liked it. yeah, i'd love to see another animal. >> all right
Jul 9, 2013 12:00pm EDT
offs into great prizes. bob diamond is set with your pick four numbers. 3. 6. 8. ball, 3685 --the maryland lottery, let yourself play. >> ava marie is here to tell us one more time about the weather. >> were showers and storms this afternoon. not everybody will get them stormy for the next couple of days, hopefully friday and saturday driesell. >> thank you for watching. . >>> stacy, looks good, huh? >> all good things come to an end. is that the case for george and stacy? i'm michelle. could it be another man for keebler, or perhaps differing views on starting a family? together again. the relationship sparks fly over the fourth of july weekend. bromance included. >> that's my secret of the day. >> kris jenner on the record. is she finally ready to reveal the first photo of baby north? >> do you get along great with kanye, or is it a process? >> it keeps me going, my family, michael's children. >> as she deals with so much tragedy, our catherine jackson exclusive. a tribute to her son. >> brought tears to my eyes. >> and placing a bet on the royal baby where anything goes. >> is
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2